The Two New Additions

Pika, my Cocker Spaniel was literally like my first born. But knowing that our ancestral home was being re-done., there was a fear in my heart about me & Pika’s loneliness & adjustment in our new apartment (soami nagar). Hence, with a lot of thought, we got two new additions into our family- Richie &…

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The Irreplaceable Bond

My relationship with my Best Friend (Pikachu) is not one of those sugary ones you read about in dog articles. It is a relationship that has seen many ups and downs – dark nights & sunny days. Thanks to her, and my faith in her, she has given me a sort of respect & adulation...

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Pikachu’s Visit to a Dog Cafe

I recently took my Pikachu for an outing which was a much-needed break for her. I like to see her have fun & joy and what could be better than a visit to a cafe on a beautiful rainy turned sunny day. Knowing Pikachu, she would have happily gone to Barista or Café Coffee Day...

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