Pikachu’s Visit to a Dog Cafe

I recently took my Pikachu for an outing which was a much-needed break for her. I like to see her have fun & joy and what could be better than a visit to a cafe on a beautiful rainy turned sunny day. Knowing Pikachu, she would have happily gone to Barista or Café Coffee Day, sat there like a dame, but others wouldn’t understand this new member to their human fraternity. Only thing is, Pikachu is not fond of coffee luckily.

So, Pikachu & I trotted along towards our visit to the café. She was curious and intrigued by everything she found on her way. Once we reached, there were two Labradors and one Husky waiting to check Pikachu out, sitting at the far end of the café. They were in the Dog section, that was separate from the human sitting section.

Pikachu sat with me across the table, her eyes like big saucer plates and her tail going up and down like a small helicopter. Once I ordered my food from the menu, I waited patiently for my dish to arrive, so that once I finished it, I could help Pikachu eat as well. My pasta arrived soon after which Pikachu looked at me with utmost disdain. She threw me a questioning look which was like “DO I HAVE TO EAT THAT TOO??”. Her cupcakes with ice-cream safe for dogs arrived soon after, which she ate slowly and carefully. She thoroughly enjoyed herself there – looking at the colourful tables, taking in the sweet & salty bakery fragrances. Two couples’ took pictures with Pikachu which she readily agreed to. I packed a doggie pasta with cheese & bacon shreds for Pikachu, which she enjoyed at home (my other dog Juliet had one quarter of it) it was a satisfying day- Pikachu’s day out at the Café!

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