The Two New Additions

Pika, my Cocker Spaniel was literally like my first born. But knowing that our ancestral home was being re-done., there was a fear in my heart about me & Pika’s loneliness & adjustment in our new apartment (soami nagar). Hence, with a lot of thought, we got two new additions into our family- Richie & Juliet.

Both were about a month old when they came. We got them a week apart. Juliet was extremely playful puppy- biting everything in sight. She would bark with her tiny mouth and roll on the carpet. Once she hid under the cushion on the sofa, her colourful camouflaging from the corners- an intense dark cream.

It took me all the god- sent knowledge not to sit on her!! I would occasionally give her spoon of milkmaid that she loved.

Richie, on the other hand, was a quiet and a reserved pup. He would often sit in the corner of Zai’s room- just observing everything around him. He was very relaxed despite all the chaos & the shifting process. Surprisingly, he wasn’t too fond of bones. When I tried to give them to Pika she would not have them either. So, eventually Julie would end up eating them.

Richie & Julie both provided the perfect harmony for our new environment. Richie provided peace- while Juliet gave Joy. Richie provided Balance, while Juliet gave Happiness. I was very happy about my and Zai’s decision of bringing these dogs into our life. They have found harmony in each other. They are a source of entertainment for each other. We get love from them and they get love from us & each other. It is indeed, a unique family.

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